“Art – the one achievement of man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised.”

James Thurber

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Sweet William"

Sweet William

A  Novella

Martie Odell Ingebretsen

Sweet William is a tale of homelessness
Calamitous fate
Bad choices

                   He breaks like 
                   the cold glass
                   of the mirror
                   as his face goes on and on
                   into the room.

Sweet William is a parable of reversals
Prodigal father
Good Samaritan rebuffed
Wheat flourishing amongst the thorns

                   A weed, to some
                   vacant lots of spring,
                   is another's garden.

Sweet William is a litany of angels
Cherubim with wings of granite beckoning from the gates of Paradise
Departed loved ones whispering encouragement and consolation
Angels of flesh and blood opening their hearts and their hands

                  Take my hand and walk with me a minute.
                  I will show you the special places
                  way back in the corner of the garden.
                  There is a pond surrounded by fruit trees
                  used as a playground by raccoons who like to eat fish,
                  who like to eat fruit.  The pond now caged with wire
                  protects the orange fish touching nose to lip of water.

                  We'll sit on this bench that is invaded 
                  by morning glory, where all the trees are fruited
                  and ready to be eaten.
                  Can you taste it like a memory?

                  Warm my hand with yours
                  and watch how the minutes change color
                  while I feed you spring.

The protagonist of Sweet William--a guy who might be your neighbor, cousin, or friend--shows how we are all just one crisis away from homelessness.
Buddhapuss Ink LLC will donate 10% of the profits from Sweet William for the first year's sales to the